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” holding those responsible accountable”

I opened the Law Offices of Phillip B. Tor (TOR LAW) in 1996 to serve injured people and to provide legal services such as estate-planning and probate matters in Southern Arizona.  I have summarized these areas below. More detailed information about the types of cases that are covered under these broad categories can be found by clicking on the buttons on the main page.[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]



If you or a loved one have been

  • hurt by a preventable medical mistake,
  • injured in an animal attack,
  • hurt in a preventable slip, trip or fall, or
  • injured in a car, truck or bicycle collision,

contact me at Tor Law.  As your attorney, I will help you through the legal process of securing compensation to recover what you lost.

If you are injured by the wrongful or negligent conduct of someone or a business, you are entitled to recover not only the cost of your past and future medical treatment and care, but also your lost income, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life resulting from the injury. I am available to visit you at your home or at a hospital to learn the facts of the incident that resulted in your losses. At the end of the initial visit, I will explain what I understand about your case, tell you if I think your case has a good chance of success, and explain your rights in pursuing restitution to recover all that you lost from the wrongful conduct of another.

If you retain me, under a contingency fee attorney-client agreement you will pay no fees. My fee will be paid as a percentage of the money I recover for you from my representation. If my efforts don’t result in a recovery, you will owe me nothing for my services. I will work hard to get you full and fair compensation for your losses.


TOR LAW has a proven track-record of winning results and satisfied clients. Regardless of the type of personal injury, my clients know I fight relentlessly for them.

Here are some reasons to inquire about your case at TOR LAW:

  • Customer satisfaction as shown by referrals from past and present clients
  • Initial consultation to help you decide your next step
  • Client’s phone calls are answered promptly
  • Clients are kept current throughout the entire case
  • Clients are provided with thorough and detailed representation to maximize their recovery

I am dedicated to providing my clients with honest legal advice and comprehensive representation. I will make sure you know your rights and options and work with you to provide clear direction and set realistic goals.


While most people believe that the money they receive is to compensate them for their losses, the fact is that various businesses such as the client’s insurance company, Medicare, AHCCCS (Arizona’s Medicaid system), hospitals and other healthcare providers, employee welfare benefit plans, and workers compensation insurers will try to take a portion of the money the client is entitled to recover. These business and government entities will assert claims against a client’s recovery even if the claim would leave the client with less than what the client lost. As an experienced lawyer I can determine if the lien claimant has a legitimate right to any of your recovery. I will work hard to negotiate liens to less than the claimed amount or to nothing at all.


Medical professionals are supposed to ensure your health and wellness, not cause injury. But sometimes health care providers make mistakes that seriously or catastrophically injure patients. Yet, if an injured patient brings a claim, or the family of a patient brings a wrongful death action against the negligent medical professional, the accused doctor and the hospital being sued will fiercely defend against the claim.

If you believe your injury or the death of a loved one is the result of negligence or malpractice by a medical professional, contacting an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to handle your case is essential. These types of cases are complex and almost always require qualified medical experts to testify. I will be happy to discuss your case with you, explain your rights and options and work with you to provide clear direction and set realistic goals.


Probate law protects a deceased person’s estate and the best interests of a living person and/or their property when the person is too incapacitated to protect themself or their property. Probate court oversees the administration of estates of deceased and incapacitated individuals. Probate cases include will and trust contests; guardianships and conservatorships; elder abuse cases where a vulnerable adult may have been abused, neglected, or exploited by another; and petitions for court-ordered mental health evaluation and treatment.

I am available to consult with and represent clients on all probate matters.

TOR LAW is located in Tucson, Arizona. You may contact me online from this website or by phone at 520-733-3700 to schedule an initial consultation.

TOR LAW is a Group Employee Benefits Provider.[/read]